School to Work Program

Looking to recruit new staff, students or clients to fill a casual, part-time or full-time position?

The School to Work program enables small, medium and large businesses to reach out to students and explain what they do; what type of jobs are available; and what higher education and training courses are required, or are on offer.

We are also offering you the opportunity to advertise FREE of charge, whether you are an exhibitor or not, a job position or job opportunity, be it full-time, part-time, casual or a retail position, on the ‘Job & Job Opportunity’ wall. The Jobs Wall is also intended to provide students with an insight into what is on offer out there from employers in the job market and what they need to do to prepare themselves for the job. Our audience is made up of students from year’s 9 through to 12 who are looking to either go onto higher education, become an apprentice or leave school and seek employment. Some of these students will also be seeking part time work whilst studying.

To participate all you need do is send an A4 flyer containing the job title, a dot point summary of the job criterion, hours and contact details to

A4 flyers promoting training courses that lead to employment, or career opportunities are also accepted.


Benefits of exhibiting at the CareersXpo

  • Build brand awareness for your organisation.
  • Promote your organisation through your stand or seminar.
  • Recruit new staff, students or clients.

Exhibitor Profiles

  • Universities, CIT and TAFE organisations, private colleges and training providers.
  • Employers and employer organisations.
  • Career counsellors and advisers.
  • Organisations with apprenticeship information and opportunities.
  • Providers of international exchange and gap year programs.