Canberra CareersXpo
7th and 8th AUGUST 2024

Exhibition Park in Canberra


Canberra CareersXpo 2024

Wednesday 7th August: 9am-3pm & 4pm-7pm
Thursday 8th August: 9am-2.30pm
Exhibition Park in Canberra

The CareersXpo showcases the multitudinous careers and jobs available in 2024.  This event is for school students, adults already in the workforce, or anyone with an interest in seeking a new career path. Join us for a journey of discovery into the labyrinth of inspiring possibilities.

What is the Canberra CareersXpo about?

The Canberra CareersXpo is an annual event held in August each year. The event is open to everyone, with a focus on secondary students throughout the ACT and surrounding NSW schools network seeking information on career and study pathways. There will be over 150 local and national exhibitors, including universities, colleges, VET and career placement organisations, providing a wide range of information sources.

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