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YFU Student Exchange has offered an international exchange to high school students in Australia for over 40 years. The strength of YFU lies in our unique not-for-profit business model, dedicated volunteer support system, and strong global network of YFU member organisations.

Our aim is to provide Students aged 15 to 18 years old with an exceptional international exchange experience that results in empowered young people who have the potential to change their world!

A Youth for Understanding (YFU) Student Exchange program offers a unique opportunity to explore the world in a safe and supported way. Students can choose from programs lasting 3-12 months to over 25 destinations worldwide. Some of our destinations offer programs for students who recently graduated from secondary school in Australia, providing a unique “gap year” option while attending high school overseas.
As a YFU exchange student, you get to:

International Student Exchange

Webinars, Videos, Seminars:

YFU Student Exchange holds regular Discovery Sessions live online. Students can register via our website.

Discovery Sessions give details and information such as:



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