Three Mills Bakery

In 2013, we opened with a simple vision to deliver great products and honest service. We believe hospitality and retail food businesses are the beating heart of a community. Places to connect or escape, share a meal, swap a story, form an idea, or simply grab something you love to take home with you. It’s our mission to not only make incredible products but also incredible experiences in every interaction.

We are an artisan bakery, that looks to rethink what quality and service is at every curve. Our pursuit is to operate a world-class business that has a seriously great team, strong principles, excellent company culture, and enormous respect for our clients.

At Three Mills, we ambitiously want to play a meaningful role within this wonderful world by seeing value in working with like-minded people who can express their individuality and help us create remarkable experiences. It’s a creative space that opens its doors to passionate people who love their craft and have the drive to create joy for every customer.

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