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As one of Australia’s leading security companies, MSS Security has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s highest profile sites. We value the diverse range of our clients – from major national accounts to smaller local contracts. Our clients benefit from our customer-focused, personalised service with measured results.

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The MSS Scholarships program is a significant training to employment pathway designed to meet the growing needs of new security professionals in the industry. This unique program offers a pathway to employment with MSS Security, Australia’s leading provider of security services.

Course Information:

In partnership with Asset College (RTO 31718), one of Australia’s leading security training providers, the MSS Security Scholarship Program will support over 500 training places per year for persons seeking to join MSS Security’s growing team across Australia.

Course Guides:

The MSS Security Scholarship program runs Australia-wide and supports suitable individuals to complete the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations or AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. From this point, participants will obtain their State or Territory Security Licence as required, followed by on-boarding to the MSS Security Team.

The MSS Security Scholarship Program will be further supplemented via opportunities for selected individuals to join the MSS Security Traineeship Program, including completing the Certificate III in Security Operations, which supports licence-based qualifications and ensures a culture of continual learning development.

MSS Security is proud to have a rich and diverse culture and therefore, we call on persons from all walks of life and backgrounds to consider this fantastic opportunity and register your interest to secure your future with a career in security.

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Open Day:

Online Career Information Sessions are held each Friday at 10 am EST. Click on this link to register for a session.

If you are new to the industry and are interested in completing the training and licensing as part of the MSS Scholarships program, please complete your application here.


  1. Can I join MSS Security if I am not an Australian Citizen?

Yes, non-Australian Citizens can join MSS Security; however, due to the clearance processes required at the majority of our sites by our clients, we have a very limited number of positions we can appoint non-Australian citizens to.

  1. Is training paid for?

MSS Security has a suite of online training that is free for our employees. Our employees also receive on-the-job training. Additional accredited and non-accredited courses are available, some of which are funded by MSS Security. If MSS Security pays for your training, you may be required to sign a Return of Service Agreement confirming you will stay with the company for a set period of time, or you will repay the cost of the training.

  1. Do I need any other qualifications?

For the majority of our sites, the minimum requirement is for you to hold a Certificate II in Security Operations with a first aid certificate and a Security Licence with Crowd Control Licence. For a small number of our sites, there is a requirement to hold additional qualifications such as

  1. batons and handcuffs,
  2. firearms licences
  3. Working with Vulnerable People card
  4. White card
  5. Responsible Service of Alcohol

You will not be placed at these sites unless you hold the required qualifications.

  1. What documentation do I need to apply for my security licence?

To apply for your security licence, you must have the following:

  • A Certificate II in Security Operations or higher
  • A Workplace Rights Certificate
  • A valid First Aid Certificate
  • Police Fingerprints and Name Check – 100 points of identification (i.e., driver’s licence, proof of age, birth certificate, Medicare card etc.)
  1. How long does it take to obtain a Security Licence?

Once you have submitted your application form and supporting documentation, it takes approximately 10 days to receive your licence. Please note Access Canberra are currently experiencing delays due to the pandemic from 2019 to 2021, so processing times have been extended to six to eight (6 -8) weeks.

  1. What will I be paid as a Security Officer?

MSS Security employees are covered under the Security Services Industry Award 2020. The Award outlines the ordinary hourly rates in the Award. Furthermore, there are penalties, allowances and overtime, which would be paid in addition to the below rates, if applicable, based on the shifts/hours you work.

  1. How long does the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process for MSS Security in Canberra can take up to 3 to 6 months. The ACT Business has a lengthy recruitment process as we need all employees to hold at least one clearance. We have some sites you can work at whilst you are waiting for your clearance/your clearance is in progress, but these are limited with limited positions.

  1. Can I start as a casual and then go part-time or full-time?

Yes, this is possible, but not automatic. We regularly employ full-time, part-time, and casual employees. Your status can change (i.e. go from casual to full-time, full-time to casual etc.), but it will depend on the business’s operational requirements and approval from your Business Manager. For example, you might commence with MSS Security as a full-time employee but swap to part-time or casual so you can study at university.

  1. My family is moving interstate. Does MSS Security have a transfer process?

Yes. MSS Security is a nationally based security company. If you are moving interstate and meet the relevant criteria, we can help you apply for a transfer.

  1. Does MSS Security Offer further training?

MSS Security has a range of accredited and non-accredited courses available for our employees.

  1. How do I further my career with MSS Security?

There are several ways you can further your career with MSS Security, including but not limited to the following:

  • Applying for jobs via the internal jobs board when you log into the Employee Portal
  • Responding to Expressions of Interest (EOIs) within the ACT business
  • Talking to your Supervisor or Business Manager about a career pathway
  • Talking to your Business Manager about temporally performing higher duties when opportunities arise, i.e., your supervisor is on leave; and
  • Applying for vacancies via external job boards, i.e.

If you have any questions or concerns during any stage of the recruitment process, please get in touch with the People and Culture team on 02 6124 0900 or via email at

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