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Founded in 2017, Kirra Services is a Canberra-based majority-owned and Supply Nation Certified Indigenous business.

Kirra Services Cyber Career Starter Program is designed to facilitate increased numbers, and therefore availability of, indigenous and regional people into the ICT and cybersecurity industry. Our aim is to provide practical cybersecurity training course, coupled with career coaching, mentoring and an internship program utilising our network of industry professional.  Providing students with a more personalised and flexible learning experience.

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Cyber Career Starter Program


APS Career Development Training



Course Information:

Cyber Career Starter Program

The Cyber Career Starter Program is designed to provide culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to overcome barriers to gaining and maintaining ICT Cyber Employment. We will individually tailor the support required, whether it be certified training, on the job support or mentoring to help in the transition to employment.

The 24-week program includes:

  • Workplace skills training
  • ICT Security and Networking Fundamentals – Cybersecurity
  • Learning support and mentoring from industry experts
  • Access to Career coaching & professional development, including recruitment services
  • 8 Week intern program- with leading industry professionals
  • Ongoing access to industry & Vendor training


Career Development Training

This course is designed for anyone wishing to work or currently working in the Public Service. Useful for people who are trying to get a permanent position within the APS, people who are looking for promotion and people who have been in their role for a significant period of time and are looking for a change.

The 2 day course covers the following topics:

  • APS context and overview
  • What kind of work do you like to do and how to approach your career
  • Research yourself and the business area you would like to work in
  • Preparing a Resume
  • Pow to best highlight your skills in applications using the Integrated Leadership System
  • Preparing for interviews in the APS context.
Study Options:

Blended options available, self-paced and fully supported

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