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As a police officer, you can make a positive difference to the lives of people in your community. ACT Policing is the community policing arm of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which means when a crime is committed in the ACT you are the first point of contact.

ACT Policing is responsible for providing quality and effective policing services to the ACT. We do this in partnership with the community and the ACT Government. Our mission is to keep the peace and preserve public safety within the ACT. We strive to deliver a professional, innovative and effective policing service in an ever changing environment for the ACT community.

Within ACT Policing there are options to specialise in areas such as community safety, family violence, drugs and organised crime, rural patrol, road policing and emergency/disaster management.

ACT Policing also employs professional members to support operational teams. This includes areas such as human resources, finance and logistics, media and public engagement, ministerial and policy, emergency communications, intelligence and investigative and administrative support.

We recognise that diversity creates a stronger and more effective organisation. All employees bring a range of experience, knowledge and insight, which is why we focus on maintaining a diverse workforce which reflects the community we serve.

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