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The ACT Community Sector Careers Gateway (ACTCSCG) is your go-to resource for exploring exciting career opportunities in the community sector. Whether you already have valuable skills from previous experiences or looking to develop new ones, the Gateway is here to guide you on your journey. It’s important to note that the Gateway is not a job advertising website, but it provides invaluable information to help you navigate the diverse pathways within the community sector.

Discover a wealth of information on the benefits of working in this sector, get insights into various job descriptions to better understand what different roles involve, and explore the wide range of sub-sectors available. The Gateway also offers comprehensive information on transferable skills that are highly relevant to the sector, empowering you to recognise and showcase your unique abilities. By utilising the Gateway, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the diverse opportunities within the community sector and be well-prepared to embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

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Be inspired and informed about the huge variety of roles that make up the ACT community sector workforce. A career in the ACT community sector enables you to live your values through your work every day. Check out the types of roles, see what inspires you and identify the skills you need to secure your next job in the community sector, where you can make a difference. Jobs that matter

Looking for employment? The sites below regularly advertise opportunities in the ACT Community Sector jobs:
– Ethical Jobs –
– ACTCOSS Job Notice Board – Job Notices

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