Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA)

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The Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia’s leading tertiary providers of performing arts education. 

Educating and inspiring young artists for over 20 years, AMPA remains committed to providing the highest quality in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees focussing on the performing arts, including contemporary, jazz and classical music, dance performance (modern, ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop), music theatre, composition/music production and arts management.

With its distinctive personal approach, high calibre teaching staff, emphasis on performance-based study and individual study designs, AMPA equips talented artists with the skills essential to succeed as musicians, dancers, performing artists, composers, producers, choreographers, directors, teachers and industry professionals in Australia and around the world. Given the demands of such highly competitive industries, AMPA’s ultimate priority is to develop inspirational and proficient artists who will leave a lasting impact on whichever field they choose.

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