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The Academy of Film, Theatre & Television is a ground-breaking collaboration which brings the collective history of more than 30 years of training actors, filmmakers and theatre production crew.

Founded on passion, adventure and creative excellence, our students are fearless in pursuit of their dreams. Unlimited creative and collaborative opportunities exist to push creativity to its limit. AFTT promotes artistry, innovation and quality in our programs, and we are committed to meeting the skills, underpinning knowledge and outcomes necessary for students to pursue their chosen careers.

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AFTT’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) provides an exciting and immersive pathway into your professional career as an actor for film, theatre and television. Our program will prepare you to pursue a professional and sustainable career in performance – preparing not only the actor’s knowledge and skill base but also the actor’s process to meet the specific needs and nuances in this changing and diversifying performing arts industry.

AFTT’s Diploma of Screen & Media (Film) is customized to deliver a practical, hands-on immersive learning experience that allows you to create your own films across various genres. Film, in its essence, is a collaborative medium, and for this course you will need someone to direct, something to produce, a script to write and a cinematographer to interpret your vision… that’s all on offer at AFTT, thanks to our unique cross-disciplinary campus where all of these inputs and more exist under the one resourceful roof!

AFTT’s Diploma of Live Production & Technical Services (Stage Management) caters to students wanting to experience Stage Management through total immersion. Thanks to our collaborative campus, actors, filmmakers and stage managers work seamlessly together on a range of in-house and external productions. Our theatre production crew are always in demand! By working on a range of productions at the Academy, you will gain a true understanding of the skills and knowledge required to be a great all-rounder and the experience of the entire production process from the first script read, through to the standing ovation.

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