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Apprenticeship & traineeship specialist working with large and small employers,1300apprentice connects apprentices and trainees to the right employer in an array of opportunities in addition to
* Indigenous programs
* Women in trades programs
* Mature-aged (+21yrs) programs
* Local government apprenticeship & traineeship programs.

1300apprentice is a group training organisation (GTO) employing over 300 apprentices and trainees across 40 vocational areas in NSW and ACT. We are committed to career development obtained through training and on-the-job skills, and ensure our employees become fully qualified and an asset to Australian organisations.

About 1300apprentice: Established in 1985 our professional and approachable team has an in-depth knowledge of the Vocational Education and Training industry ensuring a quality of service which is at the centre of our operation and ethos. Guided by a commitment to career development through on and off the job training, 1300apprentice works closely with businesses and client partners to achieve vocational excellence.

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For teenagers & young adults

Are you about to leave school and are interested in starting your career as an apprentice or trainee?

Learn about apprenticeship types or traineeship choices then apply for our jobs that will take you through your course.

For employers

If you are a company looking for an employee or labour hire assistance, please read about our process on our employer page.

For schools

Ask us to visit your school to talk about apprenticeships & traineeships with your senior school students. Book in.

Course Information:

Our Apprenticeship Programs

An apprenticeship program is generally completed over 4 years. Within the first 3 years, you will complete structured training by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE. Competency-based completion can be attained through discussion with your host employer, RTO and your Field Officer.

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Our Traineeship Programs

A traineeship program is a great pathway for further study or to gain on-the-job experience. Structured training can be completed within 12-36 months, either at the workplace, online or in classroom attendance. Competency-based completion can be attained through discussion with your host employer, RTO & your Field Officer.

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Course Guides:

Our industry cards are a snap shot of what trades are available on completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Click now to see what we mean (PDF).

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Vet v Unip2

Study Options:

What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

A group training organisation (GTO) is an organisation that employs apprentices and trainees, and then places them with a host employer who they work for whilst receiving on-the-job training for their apprenticeship or traineeship.

GTOs support the apprenticeship and traineeship system in Australia by providing: employment for apprentices and trainees opportunities for employers who can’t support an apprentice or trainee for the full term of an apprenticeship or traineeship, or think it is too administratively cumbersome, to still take on an apprentice or trainee employment opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships that otherwise might not have existed.

Entry Programs:

Job Seekers

1300apprentice has helped over 2000 apprentices and trainees successfully complete their qualification. This couldn’t have been possible without our partnering employers and of course people like you! Join an award-winning company today and set yourself up for the future.

Landing your first job is made easy with 1300apprentice. An apprentice/traineeship has $0 costs compared to university, no ATAR requirements and a high employment rate on completion. If you want a meaningful and long term career start with 1300apprentice today.

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