New method flips teaching on its head

May 21, 2018

A new teaching method, where explanations of a subject are delivered online at home and the usual homework becomes classwork, could be piloted in NSW high schools within two years.

The inverted model of teaching, best exemplified by the teachings of maths ”super teacher” Eddie Woo, is being trialled among 70 preservice teachers at Macquarie University, with hopes that research funding could be found for a pilot scheme in years 11 and 12, with as many as six private schools.

The flip learning movement has gained ground in the US over the past decade,  swapping a teachers’ classroom role from “sage on stage” to “guide on the side”.

Teachers deliver instructional content via video but the practice, skills and essays, often the hardest to learn, are conducted in class with face-to-face teacher supervision in collaboration with peers.

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