Discovering dream jobs of the future

May 19, 2018

Waiting until high school to start thinking about future career pathways is a big mistake, according to the brains behind a groundbreaking program that is geared towards primary school students.

The BEcoME program, which is accessible via a web app and in-school workshops, aims to prepare young people for jobs of the future, many of which have not yet been invented.

Shannan Judge, principal of Ermington West Public School, says the philosophy of BEcoME is very much aligned with the school’s vision and culture.

“The BEcoME program instils hope and aspiration for children at a very critical time, when they are developing their self-worth and perspective of where they fit into the world,” Judge says. “At Ermington West PS the BEcoME program tied in perfectly with our Kids Curriculum, a primary school electives program where students enrol in a variety of courses.”

Read the full article from the Sydney Morning Herald – 26 April 2018 here.