2024 Student & Visitor Program

Wednesday, 7 August 2024

9am to 3pm and 4pm to 8pm

Thursday, 8 August 2024

9am to 2.30pm

Exhibition Park, Canberra

Corner of Flemington Rd and Northbourne Ave, Mitchell ACT

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Floor Plans

Exhibitor List

Seminar Program

Virtual Expo Hall

How to get the best out of the exhibition

This is a moment in your life when you have the opportunity to explore new horizons.

With over 150 exhibitors all keen to talk to you and share their knowledge and experiences, be curious and investigate!

If you have no idea about your choice of career, then it is up to you to wander and be inspired. If you have a general idea of the pathways you want to follow, then use our list of exhibitors to guide you. The list can be organised into alphabetical order or in booth number order.

We encourage you to engage with the exhibitors and use your time efficiently. They often have had a wide range of job experience themselves or have done a course that you might be interested in.

You may not be able to get around to all of the booths so pick your favourites and discover something new!

If you miss a favourite exhibitor during your visit, you can visit the Virtual Expo Hall where there are links to the exhibitors’ websites and social media. You can also filter the list of exhibitors in the Expo Hall by category i.e. universities, hospitality, apprenticeships etc.

Useful Information for Students and Visitors


Parking is FREE.

Park at the Magpie Car Park east of the Coorong Pavilion. Disabled car parks are available in front of the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.

Covid guidelines

Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser available at the entrance to the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.  All booths have a hand sanitiser dispenser. Click here to access the current ACT Government Guidelines.

First Aid

Need assistance? There will be a St John first aid officer on duty on Wednesday and Thursday in the passageway between the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.


Internet coverage is FREE.

If you require internet cover, connect to FreeCBR. No access code or password is required as it is a public network.


Toilets are located near the entrances to the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.


There is a café in both the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions that offers a range of hot and cold food and beverage options.

ACT Student Handbook

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Postgraduate Information Program

You can meet and chat with a representative from the following major universities and organisations. If you are considering a career change then a postgraduate qualification could be just what you need.

Booth 12 – The University of Queensland

Booth 26 – Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Booth 29 – WorkSafe ACT

Booth 35 – National Institute of Dramatic Art

Booth 49 – University of Canberra

Booth 53 – Bond University

Booth 61 – University of Wollongong

Booth 75 – The Australian National University

Booth 79 – The University of Melbourne

Booth 99 – Charles Sturt University

Booth 103 – University of NSW

Booth 114 – Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar

Booth 115 – IENA – American Summers

Booth 127 – Kirra Services

Booth 130 – Verizon

Booth 151 – MSS Security

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