2024 Exhibitor Program

Wednesday, 7 August 2024

9am to 3pm and 4pm to 8pm

Thursday, 8 August 2024

9am to 2.30pm

Exhibition Park, Canberra

Corner of Flemington Rd and Northbourne Ave, Mitchell ACT

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Floor Plans

Exhibitor List

School Arrival Times

Seminar Program

Important Information

Contact for issues during the CareersXpo

During the CareersXpo, the Rotary Booth volunteers in the Budawang Pavilion, or the CareersXpo staff who are identifiable in bright red polo tops, or contact the Office. If unattended, call Denis Waters on 0418 876 926 or Winston Bucknall on 0408 492 405.


Parking is FREE.

Park in the Magpie Car Park east of the Coorong Pavilion or at the rear of the Budawang Pavilion. No parking permitted in front of either pavilion during opening hours. Disabled car parks are available in front of the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.

Set-up and pull-down information

Set-up and unloading time: Tuesday 8th August from 3pm to late or Wednesday 9th August 7am to 9am. No setting up after 9am.

Parking for unloading or loading vehicles: In front of either the Budawang or Coorong Pavilions (but not in the disabled parking spaces). All vehicles must be removed during opening times.

Pull-down time: Thursday 10th August from 2.30pm to 6pm. All exhibitor’s items must be cleared by 6pm.

CareersXpo office (Reception)

The CareersXpo Office is in the Conference Centre located between the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.  On arrival proceed directly to your allotted booth and if you have a problem or questions that need an answer the CareersXpo office is your point of contact.

Ordered items

If you do not have all the items you ordered, please contact the office.  If there is an item such as a chair, table, or tablecloth that you have forgotten to order, we can usually supply you with the extra item(s).

Delivered boxes

These will be delivered to your booth on Tuesday evening. If your boxes have not been delivered, please contact the CareersXpo office.

Covid guidelines

Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser available at the entrance to the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.  All booths have a hand sanitiser dispenser. Click here to access the current ACT Government Guidelines.

Cleaning of booth

All exhibitors are responsible for following Covid-safe practices, for cleaning surfaces of their booth with the Covid-compliant sanitiser supplied and for removing all rubbish from the booth.


Lunches can be ordered in the morning at the café located in the Coorong Pavilion. You will have to pick up these orders yourself at the café at lunchtime.

The Exhibitors Lounge (see Conference Centre Floor plan) offers free drinks and snacks throughout the day. There will also be free cappuccinos and hot chocolates made at the Coffee Spot located in the Hospitality Lounge. Volunteer hospitality school students visit your booth at some time during the day. If you cannot leave your booth, they will also deliver your lunch.

First Aid

Need assistance? there will be a St John first aid officer on duty on Wednesday and Thursday in the passageway between the Budawang and Coorong Pavilions.


Internet coverage is FREE.

If you require internet cover, connect to FreeCBR. No access code or password is required as it is a public network.


Last minute items can be printed. See reception desk.


Toilets for exclusive use by staff, volunteers and exhibitors are located in the passageway near the reception desk in the Conference Centre between the two main pavilions.

Student & Visitor Program

ACT Student Handbook

Virtual Expo Hall

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Canberra Times Supplement

City News Supplement

Postgraduate Information Program

You can meet and chat with a representative from the following major universities and organisations. If you are considering a career change then a postgraduate qualification could be just what you need.

Booth 12 – The University of Queensland

Booth 26 – Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Booth 29 – WorkSafe ACT

Booth 35 – National Institute of Dramatic Art

Booth 49 – University of Canberra

Booth 53 – Bond University

Booth 61 – University of Wollongong

Booth 75 – The Australian National University

Booth 79 – The University of Melbourne

Booth 99 – Charles Sturt University

Booth 103 – University of NSW

Booth 114 – Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar

Booth 115 – IENA – American Summers

Booth 127 – Kirra Services

Booth 130 – Verizon

Booth 151 – MSS Security

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